Unfortunately, it just hasn't been the first two years that Ben McLemore had expected for the Sacremento Kings. He has really struggled to produce and has become a second thought in their rotation.

Marco Belinelli was added to pick up for McLemore's slack, but he wasn't able to do so. McLemore could have given up at this point and accepted mediocrity, but that's not what he's doing. He's gotten right back in the gym to work on his craft.

In fact, he's sent out a challenge to all of the other ballers out there who are working out continuously to try his half-court swish dunk challenge that he has invented here:


As you can see in his caption, he's challenged Andrew Wiggins, Victor Oladipo, Zach LaVine, Terrence Ross, Gerald Green, and Aaron Gordon. All of them are obviously known as premier dunkers. We'll see if they accept the challenge.

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