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Ben Simmons continues to do himself no favors in stalemate with Sixers

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With each passing day, the stalemate between Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers continues to worsen. In the latest string of events, the former number one pick showed up to the Sixers’ training facility in Camden Thursday, but never actually took the floor.

Simmons cited back soreness as an issue, and despite being treated by the medical staff, never conducted his scheduled individual workout for the Sixers. Shams Charania of The Athletic later reported that the three-time All-Star is not ready mentally to join his team on the floor and is not expected to play for an ‘undetermined amount’ of time.

When Simmons blindsided the Sixers and ended his holdout during the preseason, speculation arose that he might actually rejoin the team after an offseason full of drama. Seeing the way he’s acted since his spontaneous return, it’s abundantly clear there has been no change of heart.

In the end, Simmons still wants to be moved elsewhere. He continues to sandbag it in practice and has alienated himself from the Sixers in hopes of getting what he wants. Unfortunately for Simmons, his childlike antics are not forcing Daryl Morey’s hand.

For a player who wants to be traded so desperately, Ben Simmons continues to do nothing to help his cause. As if his performance against the Atlanta Hawks in the playoffs didn’t hurt his stock enough, the way he’s conducted himself since then has his value at an all-time low.

The standoff might be just between him and the Sixers, but the entire basketball community has watched this saga unfold. More importantly, front offices around the league have seen how Simmons and his camp have conducted themselves in recent months.

Rich Paul and Klutch sports may have attempted to create leverage for themselves, but the Sixers have always been in complete control. With Ben Simmons locked up under contract for the next four seasons, he has very little control over what happens in regard to his future. This, among other reasons, is why Daryl Morey has remained patient.

Teams have been interested in acquiring Ben Simmons but refuse to meet Morey’s price point. Part of this is because of the way he has conducted himself in hopes of landing on a new team.

Simmons’ actions have undoubtedly made it harder for Morey to get a deal done and create a new chapter for the Sixers. Also, it is fair to assume that teams have been deterred from getting into trade talks because of the disgruntled All-Star’s behavior.

Due to the length of his contract, whatever team eventually acquires Simmons will have him for the long-term. That said, seeing how things have played out with the Sixers has to be a cause for concern for a team putting major assets on the table in a trade.

Other teams have to be wondering if he pulled this stunt now, what will stop him from doing it again a few years down the line if his situation sours? Thoughts like this have to be in the back of other GMs’ minds that might be entertaining the idea of doing business with Morey.

Between Morey’s patience and Simmons’ stubbornness, there is no telling how ugly things might get in this stalemate between the Sixers and their “nowhere man.” One thing is certain: Simmons’ conduct got him nowhere in his quest of landing on a new team.