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Report: Bengals could be looking for a new starting quarterback


According to Jordan Dajani of 247Sports.com, the Cincinnati Bengals could be looking for a new quarterback.

For the last eight seasons, Andy Dalton has been QB1 for the Cincinnati Bengals. Coincidentally, Marvin Lewis was the head coach for that entire time.

Now though, Lewis is gone. Lewis is gone and Zac Taylor is in. With a new head coach, a lot of changes are expected. One of those changes could be at quarterback.

The Bengals need to shake things up. They haven’t had a winning season since 2015 and haven’t won a playoff game since the 1990 season.

By all measures, Andy Dalton hasn’t been bad. He hasn’t been the answer though either. If a head coach wants to start fresh, this is the most obvious position to start with. It wouldn’t be a move met with a lot of pushback as Dalton hasn’t proven to be a star.

Cincinnati has 11 picks in the upcoming NFL Draft. With those, they could build around Dalton nicely. Or they could use their first-round pick (number 11 overall) on a quarterback. If they really want to go crazy with it, 11 picks is a lot of assets. They could trade a few to move up in the draft and get someone they really want.

This will be an interesting development to watch. With Marvin Lewis as the head coach, it seemed like Andy Dalton would be with the Cincinnati Bengals for a long time. It’s Zac Taylor’s team now though.

A new head coach tends to mean a lot of changes. No one would’ve been surprised if Dalton wasn’t part of his future vision.

With the rumblings that the Bengals are indeed toying with the idea, it’s time to bring out the speculation machine.