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Best trade all 29 teams can offer the Pelicans for Anthony Davis

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Arguably one of the best talented centers of the decade, it seems like New Orleans Pelicans superstar Anthony Davis is still growing better every game. His versatile array of moves on offense and excellent instincts on defense have pegged him as an MVP candidate in the past couple of seasons.

Anthony Davis

But during his seven-year stint in New Orleans, Davis hasn’t had much luck in terms of team success. The Pelicans front office has failed to surround the 25-year old with enough pieces to make them an elite championship contender. Time is running out in the Big Easy, as Davis is set to become an unrestricted free agent in 2020 should he elect to opt out of his current contract with the team.

Amidst the tension and pressure in the Pelicans organization, there has been growing clamors for the team to gauge the interest of the trade market for Anthony Davis. Though New Orleans is keeping Davis this season, it’s still interesting to see how each NBA team would try to pry the All-Star big man off New Orleans.

With huge help from the ESPN’s Trade Machine, we explore and rank the best trade that all 29 teams can offer to get the services of Anthony Davis this summer.

29. Golden State Warriors

Trade Assets: Draymond Green, Klay Thompson

Additional Assets from NOP: E’Twaun Moore

Possibility: Extremely Unlikely

Anthony Davis, Warriors


This would be just absurd. Even with the possibility that Klay could walk in free agency and sign with another team in the summer, the Warriors organization is reportedly very confident that the All-Star shooting guard will stay in the Bay, allowing them to then pursue this move.

On paper, this could arguably be the best offer that the Pelicans could receive, but it’s almost impossible for Golden State to let go of both Green and Thompson. While Moore has been very solid from beyond the arc this season (43%), there’s no way he could match Klay’s ability to be an outstanding two-way player.

28. Boston Celtics

Trade Assets: Al Horford, Jaylen Brown, 2019 1st-round Pick (from Memphis)

Additional Assets from NOP: None

Possibility: Extremely Unlikely

Anthony Davis, Celtics


First off, this deal is ultimately impossible because of the Rose Rule. No two players whose contracts are under the Rose Rule can play for the same team. Unfortunately, both Davis and Kyrie Irving are those under that rule. So, unless the Celtics include Kyrie in this deal, this trade will be impossible to pull off.

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