Ice Cube thinks free agent forward Carmelo Anthony should take a look at the BIG3.

Anthony is still without an NBA team with less than a month before training camp. Given Melo's situation, Ice Cube proposed the idea of Anthony playing in the BIG3 and proving he still has what it takes to play at the highest level — just like what Joe Johnson did this past season.

“I think Carmelo would be great in the BIG3 but I think some guys have a stigma about the BIG3,” Cube said, per Arash Markazi of the Los Angeles Times. “When you go to the BIG3 your career is over but that’s not true. When the NBA lets you go, your career is over but you can continue to be a pro here. The BIG3 is where you continue your basketball career and until guys understand that, there’s going to be that stigma. Look at Joe Johnson, he showed what he could do in the BIG3 and he’s going to be back in the NBA. Carmelo could do the same if he wants.”

BIG3 houses several ex-NBA players, including Gilbert Arenas, Greg Oden, Deshawn Stevenson and Josh Smith to name a few. Ice Cube — the founder of the popular 3-on-3 competition — also cleared the common misconception that those in his league are players whose careers are over. From his perspective, the BIG3 is where players can continue their career.

As Ice Cube mentioned, Joe Johnson is a good example that not everyone in the BIG3 is over and done with. Johnson is in talks with NBA teams, with the Detroit Pistons reportedly leading the race to sign him.

Anthony doesn't have a lot of options at the moment, but he'll likely wait it out and see if an NBA team will take a risk on him.