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NBA 2K22: The Biggest Winners and Losers of the NBA 2K22 First Rating Update

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NBA 2K recently announced the first player rating update for NBA 2K22. Two weeks after the start of the season, we’ve seen players in their current form performing at different states. There are those who perform better than before, while others have been vastly underperforming. To keep the game as close to the real thing as possible, we’ve got the NBA 2K22 first rating update, where player ratings are updated to meet the real performance of the players so far into the season.

While there are over 186 players whose ratings got updated, we’ve got a list of the biggest winners (seeing OVR ratings increasing as much as 5 points) and the biggest losers. Here is a quick list of the most improved players in the league this season:

NBA 2K22 First Rating Update: Biggest Winners

Only two players got a +5 OVR rating in the first rating update, and seven players got +4 OVR scores. These are:

  • Miles Bridges: 83 OVR (+5)
  • Harrison Barnes: 83 OVR (+5)
  • Ja Morant: 89 OVR (+4)
  • Dejounte Murray: 86 OVR (+4)
  • OG Anunoby: 83 OVR (+4)
  • Evan Mobley: 82 OVR (+4)
  • Nickeil Alexander-Walker: 79 OVR (+4)
  • Josh Giddey: 79 OVR (+4)
  • Grant Williams: 74 OVR (+4)

Of all the changes, Jimmy Butler’s +1 score drove his OVR rating to 92 and Paul George’s +2 up to 90 OVR, making them some of the highest-rated players in the league right now.

First Rating Update: Biggest Losers

Thankfully, no player underperformed so drastically that they’d receive a -5 on their OVR rating. But one superstar scored a -4 on their OVR rating, and nine players scored -3s. These are:

  • Damian Lillard: 90 OVR (-4)
  • Michael Porter Jr.: 81 OVR (-3)
  • Collin Sexton: 79 OVR (-3)
  • Reggie Jackson: 77 OVR (-3)
  • Malik Beasley: 77 OVR (-3)
  • Joe Harris: 76 OVR (-3)
  • Robert Covington: 75 OVR (-3)
  • Hamidou Diallo: 74 OVR (-3)
  • Saben Lee: 72 OVR (-3)
  • Abdel Nader: 72 OVR (-3)

Semi Ojeleye’s -2 puts him down to 71 OVR, one of those hit hardest of the changes. Meanwhile, James Harden remains one of the top stars with 92 OVR in spite of his -2 update, while Devin Booker, Jayson Tatum, and Chris Paul dropped from the 90s down to 89 because of their -1 updates.

Check out the full changelog of the NBA 2K22 First Ratings Update on the Courtside Report by NBA 2K here.