With the 2022 NFL Draft concluded, teams across the league are making moves to generate the best possible roster possible. However, it sounds like the Buffalo Bills were trying to make a massive move that would have shaken the league to its core. Rumors are that Buffalo has shown interest in the Carolina Panthers' superstar running back, Christian McCaffrey.

According to Joe Dolan, the Bills inquired the Panthers about potentially trading for McCaffrey. However, Carolina shut down negotiations by claiming the star running back is unavailable. For that reason, the rest of the NFL might have just dodged a bullet:

The Bills are already stacked and should be one of the best teams in the NFL next in the 2022 season. Adding Christian McCaffrey would have given them the firepower to defeat anybody. Josh Allen is already a monster of a quarterback who can do it all, and having McCaffrey in the backfield would be a nightmare for opposing defenses.

The trio of Allen, McCaffrey, and Stefon Diggs would be incredibly deadly. Not to mention, Dawson Knox and Gabriel Davis are legitimate weapons themselves. Luckily (for the rest of the NFL) the Panthers said no, as it would be incredibly difficult for the rest of the league to keep up with the Bills. Considering they're already seen as one of the top teams in the NFL, acquiring Carolina's star running back would put Buffalo's offense way over the top.

This is the first time we've seen a rumor like this come to light, so there is still the possibility the Bills make a trade for a superstar running back. It might not be Christian McCaffrey, as the Panthers have seemingly closed that door for now. However, don't be shocked if more rumors come to light regarding Buffalo's interest in other superstar-caliber running backs. If the front office can acquire one, watch out.