2K Games announced way back in 2019 that an internal studio, Cloud Chamber, is working on a new Bioshock game. However, ever since, we haven’t heard much about the new Bioshock 4. Two years later and with not much new info, it’s now the critical time for rumors to start swirling around the community. With a new rumor saying that the game will be called Bioshock Isolation jumpstarting everything else just recently, there’s a lot of new ones popping up. There are several of these Bioshock Isolation rumors that we’d love to be real. Here are 5 rumors about Bioshock Isolation we wish are true.

Bioshock Isolation is developed using Unreal Engine 5

New games deserve to be developed using new engines (ahem, Fallout). One of the greatest rumors we’ve heard is that Bioshock Isolation will be developed using Unreal Engine 5. Based on the game previews we’ve seen so far of games that are made using Unreal Engine 5 like Black Myth Wukong, we know that the new engine has the capability of doing great things that we’ve never seen in gaming before. Bioshock 4 being made using Unreal Engine 5 would only mean good things about the game.

Bioshock 4 is being worked on by industry veterans

Meanwhile, another rumor says that Bioshock Isolation is being worked on by industry veterans who previously worked on games like Watch Dogs: LegionShadow of the Tomb RaiderMafia 3, and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. These are some top-notch Triple-A titles, and we could only wish that their expertise can translate well for the new Bioshock game.

Bioshock 4 will be revealed in The Game Awards 2021

The most popular leak right now indicates that Bioshock 4 will be revealed in Q1 2022. However, there are also rumors going around that Bioshock 4 will be revealed during The Game Awards 2021. That’s a week away from now, so we’ll know for sure if this rumor is true soon enough. Either way, we wish that this rumor is true because we’d love to see a new Bioshock game soon. On top of that, this year’s The Game Awards is somewhat weak compared to previous years. Having a bombshell announcement like a new Bioshock game would definitely help make the event more memorable.

Bioshock Isolation will be set in a new Dystopian City

The popular leak also says that the game will be set in a “new-to-franchise, isolated, dystopian city.” We previously reported that the game is allegedly inspired by works like The City & the CityCitizen KaneWe, and ShantaramIf that list doesn’t scream dystopian, then we don’t know what would.

A new-to-franchise setting is a great idea, especially since we don’t see any reason to return back to Rapture or Columbia. It will also remove any limitations the developers have in using Unreal Engine 5 to explore new things that they can apply to the game.

Bioshock 4 will be on GeForce Now

While there is still not a big adoption rate for GeForce Now, it’s still great when games come out on multiple platforms. Getting Bioshock Isolation on GeForce Now would be a big boost for the platform, and can even lead to more adoption of the series.

GeForce Now actually already has a large adoption rate, but any additional games added to the library won’t do any harm.