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Carmelo Anthony appreciative of support from La La Anthony in Chicago

Carmelo Anthony, La La

Carmelo Anthony had easily his best game with his new team on Monday, as he led the Portland Trail Blazers to a blowout victory against the Chicago Bulls, 117-94.

Vintage Melo was on full display on the evening, as the 10-time All-Star logged a season-high 25 points (on 10-of-20 shooting), four 3-pointers, eight rebounds, a couple of assists, and a steal in 31 minutes of action. Following his outstanding performance, Anthony spoke about his appreciation for the support he received from his wife, La La, during Portland’s visit to the Windy City.

“She’s working here in Chicago, she’s filming a TV show called “The Chi” so just so happened that she flew back today, had to work early,” explained Anthony, via Casey Holdahl of NBA.com. “I didn’t think she was going to be able to come to the game, but thank you to “The Chi” for letting her off. That support, any time I can get that support, especially in the situation I’m in now with leaving my family back in New York and going five, six hours away, any time you get that support, it means a lot.”

Anthony went on to share how his wife served as his backbone in what was the most challenging year of his entire basketball career last season.

“She kept me going,” said Carmelo. “Mentally, she kept me going, emotionally she kept me going. She was nudging me. ‘Don’t do it, don’t think about it, don’t do it. Don’t you let that thought creep into your head.’ She was a major, major part of why I’m here today.”

It was indeed a trying time for Anthony, who spent pretty much the entire season last year without a team. Fortunately for him, he had the full support of his better half behind him, and as he said, La La has been one of the main reasons why Melo now appears to be on his way to making a resurgence.