Did Damian Lillard just hint at a possible Portland Trail Blazers exit and a potential move to the Los Angeles Lakers? Well, that's what some fans are thinking after Dame D.O.L.L.A. dropped his Heaven or Hell Freestyle and talked about his status with Rip City.

On one verse of the rap song, Lillard said, “Plotting on a ring they say I should do the Lakers. F**k that loyal s**t.”

That is the fuel that many fans needed to assume that it's Lillard's way to ask for a move away from the Blazers. Portland is going to miss the playoffs once again, with the team far from playoff contention. In late March with nine games left in the season, the front office even opted to shut down Dame Time since their postseason hopes are all but gone. Of course it sparked trade demands from fans who believe Lillard deserves better.

For what it's worth, however, listening to the full line of Damian Lillard's Heaven or Hell Freestyle indicates that he remains loyal to the Blazers. Following the Lakers line, he said: “What if Reggie just left the Pacers? I'm a One of One. You dummies better wise up. I done made it a personal goal to lift the guys up.”

Listen to Dame's new bars yourself here:

Lillard has repeatedly talked about loyalty in recent weeks and months, and he has always said that he wants to bring a championship to the Blazers instead of ring-chasing. Based on his latest song, it doesn't seem anything has changed at all despite what others are saying or assuming.