Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard is back … well, not on the NBA hardcourt but rather in the latest episode of “The Association.” In real Dame fashion, though, the superstar guard once again talked about a topic that is near and dear to his heart: loyalty … or the lack thereof in the NBA.

Lillard is undoubtedly one of the last members of a dying breed of players who focuses on loyalty instead of ring chasing. In an era where people see a title as a validation for players and a requirement to be considered an all-time great, Lillard has continuously refused to be dictated by the chatter.

And that is the subject of the newest episode of ClutchPoints' animated series, with Lillard questioning the lack of loyalty in the league, as well as the lack of respect for traditions.

While it may be an animated series, it certainly couldn't be any closer to Damian Lillard's real thoughts. After all, just how many times have we seen the Blazers star talk about loyalty and share his disappointment on what the NBA has become with all the ring-chasing and jumping ships?

For what it's worth, Lillard even recently went on a tirade when a meme saying that he and Bradley Beal are living proof that loyalty doesn't win you a ring went viral. For Dame Time, fans shouldn understand that a title is not everything there is in the NBA.

“Y’all gettin carried away with the loyalty thing because mfs don’t bounce to y’all drum. And what I’ve done has won me plenty,” Lillard tweeted.

Really, with Lillard shut down for the season, is he the one voicing Logo Lillard of “The Association”?