There have been more than a few criticisms on the state of today's NBA — especially from the more tenured generations that have been first-hand witnesses to the transition the league has taken to arrive at where it is today. One of those critics is former coach Jeff Van Gundy, who came out with some pretty wild suggestions on how he believes we can “fix” the NBA. Portland Trail Blazers superstar Damian Lillard caught wind of JVG's polarizing recommendations, and apparently, Dame can get on board with at least one of them.

For starters, here's what Van Gundy had to say about the major changes he would like to implement:

“Eliminate free throws until the last four minutes,” Van Gundy said. “If you get fouled on a shooting foul, you just get the points. You don’t go to the line. And you don’t go to the line for technical free throws. They’re just points. Then I would eliminate halftime. I think halftime is the biggest waste of time. Or I’d reduce it to five minutes so you could go to the bathroom and come back out.”

There's no denying that these potential rule changes will significantly alter how the game is played today, and there's also little doubt that the league will meet these out-of-the-box suggestions with some hesitation. For Damian Lillard, though, he admits that JVG has a bit of a point when it comes to his take on halftime:

“I’m w him on halftime lol… I do not fw it,” Lillard wrote in his tweet.

Apparently, Lillard does not enjoy halftime very much. Van Gundy proposes the elimination of the halftime break altogether, which appears to be something that has piqued Lillard's interest. Whether or not the league actually looks into this is an altogether different matter, but at least Jeff has some solid support from one NBA superstar.