It sure looks like Damian Lillard loved what he saw from the Thompson twins, Amen Thompson and Ausar Thompson, during their recent NBA Draft workout with the Portland Trail Blazers.

Lillard joined the team as they conducted their pre-draft workouts with the two top NBA Draft prospects. In a photo that the team shared, Dame Time was all smiles as he watched the two.

The Blazers have the third overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft. While it would have certainly been nice had they ended up with the top pick in order to land Victor Wembanyama, no. 3 is still a nice consolation. Besides, as Lillard may have realized, the top of the class has plenty of talents that they could really use.

It remains to be seen whom the Blazers will pick, though the current favorites to land no. 2 and 3 after Wembanyama are Brandon Miller and Scoot Henderson. Amen Thompson and Ausar Thompson are expected to go between fourth to ninth.

Of course it remains possible that the Thompson twins move up. Considering that Lillard was all smiles in their workouts, it's safe to assume that they impressed him and the Blazers. Maybe it's enough to convince the team to take one of them with their selection.

For what it's worth, Damian Lillard left the Thompson duo star-struck with his attendance. Ausar called it “super cool,” while Amen was simply shocked.

“I looked to my right, and I was like, ‘Oh shoot,'” Amen said.

If the Blazers do end up taking one of them, they need to get used to seeing Lillard in practice everyday.