There appears to be some beef going on between Miami Heat star Tyler Herro and former head coach turned NBA on TNT broadcaster Stan Van Gundy. It all started with SVG taking a jab at Herro's fashion statements as he sat on the Heat bench during their Eastern Conference Finals series against the Boston Celtics. Herro caught wind of the slander, and the former Sixth Man of the Year winner could not help but clap back with his own savagery.

According to Herro, his “fashion” is as bad as Van Gundy was when he was coaching on the sidelines. The Heat star went a bit personal here, and unsurprisingly, it prompted an equally savage response from Van Gundy:

“Listen, some guys get real sensitive, some of us can laugh at ourselves. Guys have gotten a little soft in this generation,” SVG said.

Did Stan Van Gundy just call Tyler Herro “soft”? Yes, I believe so.

Unfortunately for Herro, he won't be able to respond to this latest haymaker until after the game — if he even decides to, that is. At this point, the Heat sharpshooter is locked in on Game 5 as he looks to cheer his teammates on from the bench. Herro is still recovering from a hand injury and there is currently no timetable for his return. He was seen putting up shots on the court earlier, though, which could mean that he's closing in on his highly-anticipated comeback.

Whatever the case might be, it will be very interesting to see Tyler's choice of clothing for Game 6, which will certainly draw some sort of comment from Stan Van Gundy.