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Blazers news: Damian Lillard is going on a vegan diet

In this summer, not a lot has been heard about Damian Lillard and his preparations for next season. He has made some headlines earlier in the offseason when he tried to recruit Carmelo Anthony, and also recently when dropped his latest rap song, but apart from that, he has stayed relatively quiet enjoying the break.

However, it was reported recently that he is attempting to go on a vegan diet, which will help him become lighter. The Portland Trail Blazers star guard even shared a video on his Instagram account, showing his followers what his meal consists of, which doesn’t contain any meat or fish. He even proudly said that he is “getting his life right.”

Checking in at 190 lol… strong and fast babyyyyy

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Lillard is currently down to 190 lbs., which is only a pound heavier than his weight from his rookie year. Many may think that he won’t be as strong as the past couple of seasons by getting lighter, but it could work to his advantage by becoming faster and having more control with or without the ball.

If his new diet will be effective, next season could turn out to be a career year for him. It will be very beneficial for the Blazers, who only made a few changes to their lineup, and are expected to rely heavily once again on Lillard and his backcourt partner, C.J. McCollum, to lead them to another postseason appearance, and possibly a deeper run by then.