Blazers news: Hassan Whiteside revamping free-throw routine
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Hassan Whiteside revamping free-throw routine

Hassan Whiteside, Blazers

Hassan Whiteside wants to have a redemption campaign this upcoming 2019-20 season, and he’s been putting in the work on his free throw shooting.

Lethal Shooter, an NBA shooting coach, Tweeted a sneak peak of the Portland Trail Blazers center shooting freethrows, claiming that the big man has been grinding to perfect his mechanics and improve on his foul shots.

Whiteside shot a dismal 44.9 percent in 2018-19, the worst freethrow shooting season of his career. It’s a shame that he took such a step back because he actually shot a career-best 70.3 percent from the stripe just the season before. He is a career 59.3 percent shooter from the foul line.

Whiteside fell off the good graces of the Miami Heat due to his attitude and lack of consistent effort on the floor. He has seen his playing time dwindle over the past few seasons, from 32.6 minutes per game in 2016-17, to 25.3 minutes in 2017-18, and down to 23.3 minutes in 2018-19.

The Heat finally parted ways with the 30-year old big man and traded him to the Blazers this June as part of a four-team deal that also involved the Philadelphia 76ers and the L.A. Clippers.

With a fresh start in Portland, Whiteside looks to take advantage of a renewed opportunity. He’s certainly taking off on the right foot by grinding this off-season.

With Blazers starting center Jusuf Nurkic still recovering from a gruesome leg injury, Whiteside has a prime chance to rejuvinate his image as one of the better defensive centers around the league.

Whiteside is also on the final year of his deal and is set to hit free agency in the summer of 2020. Perhaps playing in a contract year will motivate the often-lackadaisical center to bring in more consistent effort for the Blazers night in and night out.