Heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson is set to square off against Jake Paul, the social media sensation turned boxer, on July 20 at AT&T Stadium in Texas. The fight, which will be aired on Netflix, has sparked widespread outrage among boxing enthusiasts due to the massive 31-year age difference between the two opponents.

Jake Paul's bravado

Jake Paul reacts after knocking out Andre August in the first round at Caribe Royale Orlando
Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

In a recent episode of BS w/ Jake Paul, the 27-year-old influencer confidently told his peers about how he will “smoke” the boxing legend.

“It's wild the amount of people that think Mike actually stands a chance against me, I'm gonna f— kill him,” Paul said.

Adin Ross then told Paul to be cautious of Tyson.

“I think what's gonna happen is this right…Here's the one thing I'm gonna say Jake, don't underestimate him.”

Paul later admitted that he’s slightly scared to face Tyson, but believes it will compel him to approach the fight with the boxing legend seriously.

Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson rules

The fight is anticipated to draw 80,000 spectators. Fans are expressing their frustration over the apparent rules of the match, which reportedly include both fighters wearing headguards and 18 oz gloves, according to heavyweight boxer Derek Chisora.

Paul is in his athletic prime and has been consistently active in boxing. Tyson, who will have just celebrated his 58th birthday by the time of the fight, is much older and hasn't been in professional boxing for several years. During his prime, Tyson was widely regarded as one of the most feared boxers of his generation, boasting an impressive knockout record and holding the status of an undisputed heavyweight champion when there were only three recognized belts in the division.

As of now, it remains uncertain whether the bout between Paul and Tyson will be categorized as an exhibition match or a professional contest. Additionally, there have been no updates regarding the number of rounds scheduled for the fight or the weight class in which they will be competing.

Paul has primarily competed in the cruiserweight division, which has a weight limit of 200 pounds, while Tyson weighed in at 220.4 pounds for his last exhibition bout against fellow boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. in November 2020.