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Nate Robinson gets knocked out cold by Jake Paul

Jake Paul Nate Robinson

Jake Paul showed Nate Robinson that experience just might beat out athleticism.

In his third fight vs Robinson’s first time entering the boxing ring, the YouTube star knocked out the former NBA star halfway into the second round of their fight on the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr card.

This was the third knockdown Robinson suffered and the referee had seen enough. The first knockdown Robinson felt was a blow behind his head and protested to the ref after getting up just in the nick of time in the first round. The second knockdown occurred only a few seconds into the second round and he also took the entire 10 count to get up before Paul put him down for good.

This marks Jake Paul’s second professional boxing win, although both were against non-fighters. His first professional fight was against fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib, which he won by technical knockout in the first round.

This fight was the featured undercard bout on the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr card. Tyson has not fought since 2005, while Jones last fought in 2018. Many believe this difference in time away from the ring will be the deciding factor in the fight, although Tyson’s videos showing him punching, which inspired his return, have convinced some he has a fighter’s chance.

Either way the two are expected to make a lot of money off the exhibition, with both expected to pocket a cool $1 million. While many boxing purists have not liked it, this is another in a line of spectacle boxing fights that have happened over the past couple of years, including McGregor vs Mayweather.