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Video: Brad Stevens curses at team during rout in Game 5

Jumping out to a big lead right away, the Boston Celtics came to play in Game 5 of their second-round series against the Washington Wizards. The Celtics were able to maintain their double-digit lead throughout the game thanks to their stellar play, but they weren’t perfect for the entire game and coach Brad Stevens made sure they knew about it.

Upset with the Celtics taking their foot of the gas in the fourth quarter, Stevens was caught by TNT’s cameras cursing out his team while also instructing them:

“Quit f****ing around,” Stevens shouts.

Stevens is known to be rather stoic so it is somewhat surprising to see him curse out the Celtics. But Stevens wanted to ensure that the Celtics would win, so he shouted out instructions in a manner that his team wouldn’t ignore.

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