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Broncos’ GM breaks silence on signing big-name QB in 2022

Broncos, George Paton, NFL

The Denver Broncos and general manager George Paton made the news recently when they agreed to contract extensions with wide receivers Courtland Sutton and Tim Patrick. Those moves, as well as the Von Miller trade, prompted reporters to question Broncos’ general manager George Paton on his 2022 NFL offseason plan. Paton offered a response, though likely not the one reporters were hoping for.

If that’s not classic coach/general manager speak! But, no one would expect George Paton or the Broncos to release their NFL offseason plan for all to see. That would just be silly.

However, it is interesting that Paton noted the Broncos have “the resources to do whatever we want.” Paton isn’t specifically saying that the Broncos are going to make a splash, but the fact that he didn’t completely rule out the possibility is noteworthy.

Teddy Bridgewater is a good NFL quarterback, but he isn’t someone who is going to lead a franchise to a Super Bowl. Plus, the Broncos have already been through the Drew Lock experiment.

Paton and the Broncos need to upgrade the quarterback spot. And they have the skill-position players- such as Sutton, Patrick, Jerry Jeudy, Noah Fant, Melvin Gordon and Javonte Williams, as well as the defense- to attract a big-name quarterback looking to make a title run. Aaron Rodgers, anyone?

After all, it wouldn’t be the first time Denver decided to make a big splash for a veteran NFL quarterback. The Broncos’ current situation is not unlike the one that prompted them to go big for Peyton Manning.

The opportunity is there for George Paton and the Denver Broncos. Will they seize it?