Broncos news: OL Orlando Franklin retires to become full-time dad
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Ex-Broncos OL Orlando Franklin retires from NFL

orlando franklin

We all love our sports heroes. We appreciate that they put their bodies on the line week in and week out to play a game that we love to watch. But let’s be honest with ourselves—there are more noble pursuits than professional football.

Former Denver Broncos second-round pick Orlando Franklin has decided to hang up his cleats. Why? So that he can dedicate himself to the noblest pursuit of all. He’s retiring to become a full-time dad. He made the announcement via Instagram:

“Hey everyone it’s been a rough few days for me and more importantly a rough three weeks of me not being able to see my family every day once I got off work, over the last few days I’ve realized that FaceTiming my son is just not enough. I’ve always looked forward to being a father and right now I’m not at my best because I cannot be a good father here in DC while my wife and son have to be in Denver. And for this reason I have talked it over with God, my family, and my agent, and have decided to retire after seven years of playing in the NFL.”

Franklin, who spent four years with Denver and two with the then-San Diego Chargers, was cut earlier in the week by the Washington Redskins. At the age of 30, he could still find work if he wanted it. He may not start, but he could definitely provide a team with some much-needed depth. But rather than try to find work, he decided to focus on being a good dad.

Franklin made $24.5 million during his career. So, as long as he has been smart with his money he and his family should be financially secure.