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Broncos star pass rusher Von Miller is getting ‘back to the basics’ this offseason

Von Miller, Broncos

Denver Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller is ready to get back to the basics this offseason as he prepares for the 2020 season. Miller didn’t have a bad 2019 season, but it wasn’t up to the level that most are seeing out of him. He missed a game, which is unusual, and he finished the season with only eight sacks. That was the lowest total since the year he only played five games in 2013 because of a torn ACL.

There were big expectations heading into the season with Vic Fangio coming in as the Broncos’ new head coach. Those improvements never came, which makes this offseason critical.

Miller has worked with Frank Matrisciano during most offseasons, but didn’t do so last season. Miller has gotten back with Matrisciano this offseason as he focuses on the basics.

“I’m getting back to basics,” Miller said, via Jeff Legwold of ESPN.com. “I’ll be ready. I want be better than ever, at 31. But yeah, I’ll go see Frank, probably more than once.”

Miller said he is excited to get back to San Francisco to train in the sand with Matrisciano in his ear. He wants to dominate in 2020 with the Broncos.

“This last offseason, I didn’t get to hit it like that. I trained as hard as ever, but this time I’m going back to San Francisco to train, like I know how to train,” Miller said.

“I just didn’t have the opportunity to get back out there last year; that’s on me. I want to get back on the sand, stairs and stuff — mix high-intensity training with basic weight room training.”

Hopefully, the improvements come for Miller because the Broncos’ defense will be scary if he is causing issues in the backfield.