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Browns’ Freddie Kitchens defends Gregg Williams after Myles Garrett criticism

Freddie Kitchens, Gregg Williams, Myles Garrett

You would think Cleveland Browns players would have nothing but good things to say about former head coach Gregg Williams, who led the Browns to a 5-3 record and even briefly vaulted the Browns into playoff contention after taking over for Hue Jackson in the second half of last season.

But, just because Cleveland had a good record under Williams does not mean the players necessarily approved of him.

Take defensive lineman Myles Garrett, for example, who recently criticized Williams—now the defensive coordinator of the New York Jets—for not giving him enough freedom.

Current Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens, who served as an offensive coordinator under Williams this past season, has come out to defend his former mate, saying that Williams did a fine job:

“First and foremost, Gregg Williams was a good football coach. He has been a good football coach in the National Football League for a while, if that is the angle here,” said Kitchens, per Josh Edwards of 247 Sports. “As far as Myles is concerned, we need to get good at our craft in all areas. I think Myles will be the first to tell you that. We will give him every opportunity to master his craft, and therefore, we expect the production to go up.”

Garrett racked up 13.5 sacks this past year, but only 5.5 of those sacks came under Williams’ direction.

Regardless, the 23-year-old is a very disruptive force along Cleveland’s defensive line, so everyone is expecting big things from him and the entire Browns team in general heading into 2019.