The Cleveland Browns’ offseason workout programs presented a valuable opportunity for Amari Cooper to not only build chemistry with the offense but also to further his understanding of the team’s playbook.

From Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski’s standpoint, he has already been quite impressed with Cooper’s early commitment to the team both on and off the field.

“I think for anybody that first meets him, Amari’s size,” Stefanski said during a press conference on Thursday. “He is a big, physical player – maybe not 6’6′ but you see how strong he is. That has been impressive just seeing how he operates on the field.

“A really impressive worker in the classroom. He is a pro’s pro. I do not think there is anything that we have challenged him with mentally that he does not just get immediately.”

The Browns capped off their offseason program schedule on Thursday, which featured Cooper. The former Dallas Cowboys receiver took part in multiple football activities at FirstEnergy Stadium, including seven-on-seven drills.

On Cooper’s part, he is set to feature in a new offensive system for the third time in his NFL career. As was the case in his previous such instances, the veteran wideout sees that it will take some time to become more and more familiar with Browns offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt’s playbook.

“Every team is different and every offense is different,” Cooper said on Thursday. “Some teams have a whole bunch of installs. When I was at the Raiders with (former Las Vegas Raiders head coach) Jon Gruden, my last year there, the installs never stopped so you never really mastered the offense.

“Every team pretty much has the same terminology. It is just some teams have more plays than others. … Like I said before, I can see how we can be very successful with the plays that we have. I think I will master it in this six-week break that we have. … I think by the time I come back for training camp I will have all of the details ironed out.”

The Browns will kick off their training camp schedule in late July.