What is Hue Jackson up to these days? Apparently, he’s busy making intriguing comments that put his former employer, the Cleveland Browns, in a bad light. In a recent interview with Mary Kay Cabot of Cleveland.com, Jackson made some head-turning claims, including one about how the Browns failed to get a quality quarterback during the first two years of his stint as the team’s head coach.

“We passed on three franchise QBs the first two years in Wentz, Watson and Mahomes. We played with a QB room with zero wins in the league. We played with street free agents and practice squad players in WRs. Yet our offense was the same or better than what we were doing this year. There is no way that should happen.

“You can't pass on quarterbacks. You never pass on a potential franchise quarterback because you don't know who's going to be there in the future. I think Baker Mayfield is going to be a sensational player if they surround him with the right people, but they've got to give him help and run a scheme suited to his skillset.”

Jackson was hired by the Browns in 2016 – the same year the team opted to trade its No. 2 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft to the Philadelphia Eagles, who then used it to get Carson Wentz. The following year, the Browns had the No. 1 overall pick and kept it, but instead of drafting a quarterback, they selected defensive end Myles Garrett as the first player taken off the board. The Houston Texans and the Kansas City Chiefs then pounced on their chances to get future franchise quarterbacks in Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes, respectively.

In any case, the Browns have their own young and promising quarterback in the fold in the form of Baker Mayfield. If Mayfield turns out to be a superstar in the league, at least Hue Jackson can say it was under his watch that the Browns finally found a long-term answer under center.