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Browns legend Joe Thomas paying off Twitter NBA Finals bet

Former Browns offensive lineman Joe Thomas has found a creative way to not have to spend all the money he earned during his NFL career paying off fans from Twitter.

Back during the NBA Finals, Damarious Randall tweeted that he would buy a jersey for every person that retweeted the tweet if the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA title.

Thomas was so confident in the Cavs that one-upped it, saying he would give everyone who retweeted a tweet a signed game-worn Stephen Curry jersey if the Golden State Warriors title.

Of course, the Dubs won the NBA title and that meant Thomas was on the hook for a lot of game-worn Jerseys signed by Curry, more than Curry will ever wear.

Thomas got creative with the punishment and decided to have custom made shirts that he sent to the individuals who retweeted the tweet, at least some of them.

The shirt says “I was promised a game worn, signed LeBron James jersey, and all I got was this crappy shirt from Joe Thomas.” The bottom of the shirt also has a printed autograph from Thomas.

It’s good to see that there are still some clever people in the world and that Thomas is paying up even though he isn’t giving exactly what he had promised.

Some people would probably rather have the signed jersey from Curry that was also game worn, but getting a shirt designed by Thomas isn’t a bad consolation prize, and will also be a good story to tell friends for years to come.