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Former Steelers star LaMarr Woodley claims Browns can be a ‘dangerous team’

Jarvis Landry, Browns

Unlike in previous years, the Cleveland Browns are heading into a new season with a reasonably high level of optimism, which may seem odd for a team that ate 16 losses in 16 games a year ago.

But the Browns have no way to go but up, and could even be better than what most people think the team would be, thanks to a number of solid free agent acquisitions and moves done by general manager John Dorsey.

All that said, it’s fair to say that the Browns have at least a chance of taking the league by surprise next season.

Among those expecting Cleveland to stop being mere cannon fodders and start playing like trouble for other teams is former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley, who was recently cornered by the omnipresent TMZ Sports. For Woodley, the Browns is a team poised to break out this year, while giving props to the fantastic job the team’s front office has made this offseason.

“The Browns could be a dangerous team, man. They can definitely be a dangerous team. They made some good moves this offseason coaches, players, they get Dez Bryant, they’re going to be a tough team.

LaMarr Woodley, who spent seven of his nine seasons in the NFL in Pittsburgh, also implied that the Browns can even be good enough to reach the playoffs – something the team hasn’t done since 2002 – before unleashing a hilarious punchline.

“You would hate to go in Cleveland and play in the playoffs – because its’ cold as hell.”