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Browns RB Nick Chubb puts on impressive weigh-lifting display

nick chubb

Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb took over mid season and put up some very nice numbers. The former Bulldog really shined as the potential future at the position.

To help matters, Chubb can lift some weight. TMZ showed a video of the Browns running back power cleaning 410 pounds. Which is a lot.

Training so hard is a good thing because the Browns just signed Kareem Hunt. The former Chiefs runner is facing a potential suspension, but has game-changing ability.

Regardless, Chubb is still the starting back for now. It doesn’t mean that will last. Between Hunt and Chubb there is a lot of talent in that Browns backfield.

A 410-pound power clean is a good start in proving worthy of being the starter. The other thing Chubb really has going for him is not being involved in off the field issues. The Browns were quick to forgive Hunt, but all Chubb did was dominate last season.

After Carlos Hyde was traded, Chubb took over. He started nine games, totaled 996 yards, scored eight touchdowns, and even broke a 92-yard run.

There is no rest, especially for a player in Chubb’s position. As soon has Hunt’s suspension is over, if it happens, there will be a battle in the Cleveland backfield.

In that video on TMZ, Chubb proved that he is impressive on the field and in the weight room. Power cleaning and running are two different things, but he has proven he can do both. There are big things coming for the Browns running backs.