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Browns QB Baker Mayfield loses respect for Arian Foster for critical comment

Baker Mayfield, Arian Foster

Baker Mayfield said that he has no more respect for Arian Foster after Foster made a “critical comment” about the Cleveland Browns quarterback.

TMZ Sports has the scoop about the quarterback and the ex-running back getting into it with one another. Mayfield blasted Foster for being “too cool to show any personality” after Foster threw shade at Mayfield on Twitter.

The Cleveland Browns posted a video showing Baker Mayfield dancing his behind off, with the caption saying “your quarterback could never.”

Foster replied by saying “would never.”

That caught Mayfield’s attention, and he went off on Foster.

“Respected you before this… I get it dog, you’re too cool to show any personality. Everybody’s different, though. No need to speak on it.”

Foster replied flippantly and told the quarterback not to take everything so personally.

But this isn’t the first person that Mayfield has been feuding with so publicly.

Earlier this year, Mayfield threw shade at his former head coach, Hue Jackson, and even went so far as to take a shot at him on a pre-game show in January.

Part of Mayfield’s beef with Jackson is that he went over to the rival team, the Bengals, after the Browns fired him (and for just cause, thank you very much).

While this certainly isn’t going to do much for Baker Mayfield in the likeability department, he’s certainly not crying in his coffee. In fact, TMZ Sports is reporting that he was recently spotted at the trendy nightclub, Poppy, in Los Angeles, where he was mingling with models, celebrities, and pop stars alike.