It's been a bonkers offseason for the Cleveland Browns as the roster is completely stacked outside of the questionable quarterback situation. The run game should be in full force yet again, as Nick Chubb prepares for another big year. With that in mind, apparently, Chubb just wants to truck defenders all next season after being seen squat over 600 pounds.

Yes, you read that right. Over 600 pounds were squatted by the Browns quarterback. The video went viral, as Nick Chub completed two reps because of course he did. He accomplished this feat all while the bar was hanging on for dear life. I'm not entirely sure what is more impressive here, Chubb squatting over 600 pounds like it's nothing or the fact the bar didn't snap in half. That bar is bent over like a pool noodle. Can someone please call a doctor for that thing? It needs life support!

How is that not killing his knees? This is something you would see a superhero do. I don't know if Batman is even capable of doing what Chubb did in this video. Is Nick Chubb Batman? Who knows at this point but one thing is for sure, the Browns have an absolute stud playing running back for them. As long as he's healthy, Cleveland has one of the best backfields in the game.

Look for Nick Chubb to remain atop of the league in rushing throughout the 2022 season. With Deshaun Watson facing a likely lengthy suspension, the Browns will have to rely on their ground attack once again.