Browns video: 'SNL' parodies Myles Garrett, Steelers helmet controversy
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Video: ‘SNL’ parodies Myles Garrett, Steelers helmet controversy

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When it’s news, expect “Saturday Night Live” to chime in. On Saturday night, the long-standing NBC comedy show did just that, parodying Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett and his fight with the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday.

SNL combined Garrett’s helmet-hitting with the ongoing impeachment of President Donald Trump. Garrett, played by Kenan Thompson, jokes that Trump pardoned him for war crimes. All he was trying to do was putting the missing player’s helmet back on (starts at 6:26).

Said Thompson, “What had happened was I saw another player who had lost his helmet somehow, and I thought ‘oh, he should be wearing a helmet.”

Call that a double-whammy. As typical of SNL writers, they found a way to include popular references inside their political spoofs. This time, they placed one of the NFL’s hottest storylines in the league’s 100th season.

On Thursday night, Garrett struck Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph with Rudolph’s own helmet. After ripping it off of the second-year quarterback’s head, he stood while Rudolph appeared to call him a derogatory term while hitting him in his groin. Garrett then swung, and therefore, witnessed a massive shift in his career arch.

The NFL quickly gave Garrett an indefinite suspension, including the rest of the 2019 regular season and postseason, if the Browns make it. In doing so, Cleveland lost their best pass-rusher and best player. Garrett saw the narrative of his career change, as he has now been placed with the “dirty” label for his actions.

What does that entail? SNL spoofs for one.