The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were wrapped up in a far-too competitive matchup with the New York Jets in Week 17, and it seems tensions have boiled over to unforeseen heights on the Buccaneers' sidelines. Wide receiver Antonio Brown was seen removing his gear and clothing and tossing them to the crowd, before walking across the field during a live play, and walking into the locker room without a shirt, via Field Yates.

It's unclear what sparked his outburst from Brown, and it seems as if his teammates, including Mike Evans, were pleading with him to remain on the sideline. Instead, a clearly frustrated Brown opted to remove his pads, shirt, and gloves, heave them into the seats, and exit the game via the locker room tunnel.

Considering Brown's less-than-desirable track record when it comes to his antics in the past, this seems likely to be another example of the embattled wide receiver's temper boiling over. We've never before seen that type of exit from an NFL game, wherein Brown was removing articles of clothing and waving to the crowd, before dramatically dashing towards the locker room. While no official statement has been released regarding Brown's status, his actions suggest he will likely not return to the game on Sunday.

No one, perhaps not even the Buccaneers, knows exactly what just occurred between the melodramatic wide receiver and the squad, but Brown will surely have a lot of explaining to do in the aftermath of this one, both to the media, and more specifically to head coach Bruce Arians, as well Tom Brady, who has repeatedly stood up for Brown in the past.