Devin White has been on the receiving end of heavy criticisms in recent weeks amid the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' slump. And so after the team ended their slump in Week 9, he couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Entering the showdown with the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, the Buccaneers have lost three straight games against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Carolina Panthers and Baltimore Ravens. Fortunately, they were able to end the winless drought behind a vintage performance from Tom Brady, who led the team to an epic comeback win.

After the game, White took to Twitter to celebrate and share his thoughts on the critical victory. The Buccaneers have waited for the win for so long, so he was understandably relieved that they are finally able to get back on track.

“Damn that felt good…” White wrote on Twitter.

It's easy to see where Devin White is coming from here. It has been a particularly tough week for him after former Buccaneers defensive tackle and Hall of Famer Warren Sapp slammed him and his lack of effort in Week 8 against the Ravens. While Tom Brady has shown his support to him, it's difficult not to be affected by such harsh criticisms, especially from a former star player.

As everyone knows, though, winning cures everything. And by the looks of it, White is ready to move on from the backlash and focus on helping the Buccaneers stay in the win column.