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Video: Buccaneers fan makes new request in trade for Tom Brady’s 600th TD ball, but it’s not money

Tom Brady, Buccaneers, Byron Kennedy

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans accidentally gave away the ball involved in Tom Brady’s 600th career touchdown pass. The Buccaneers then went and negotiated with the fan, Byron Kennedy, who got the ball from Evans after the score.

The resulting deal certainly didn’t seem too good for Kennedy given that ball would be worth a lot on the open market:

Kennedy went on NFL Network Monday, and Andrew Siciliano gave him a chance to publicly ask for something more in the trade for the ball. Instead of asking for a lot of money, Kennedy asked for the opportunity to golf with the Buccaneers quarterback:

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Golfing with Brady would be a priceless experience, but still, Kennedy should have tried to drive a harder bargain here for this football. The Buccaneers quarterback is now the only player in NFL history to throw for 600 passing touchdowns, so this ball is truly historic.

But Kennedy seems mostly happy with what he’s getting for this ball, so he’s not sweating it too much. He’s surely thrilled to be a part of this historic moment no matter what.

Brady and the Buccaneers smashed the Chicago Bears on Sunday, with the veteran quarterback throwing four touchdown passes in a 38-3 victory.