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Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston reflects on what he calls a ‘very odd season’

Jameis Winston has a few things to say about the Buccaneers “odd” season, which he hopes will turn around with new incoming coach Bruce Arians.

The quarterback spoke to the Tampa Bay-Times, and he spoke extensively on the man who introduced him to the Super Bowl ring.

Arians, who previously said that the Bucs are Jameis’ team, thinks extremely highly of his new charge, and this “means a lot” to the young quarterback.

“And that’s just how he is, he stands behind his players and I’m happy our team gets to see that side of him. And I just can’t wait to get in the building and work with him.”

He also said that he was very excited about working with Arians when training finally begins.

“It’s funny how things come around full circle. This is the man that introduced me to the Super Bowl ring, so I definitely want to get one with him. It’s just neat that he’s my coach now. It’s really, like, it’s a surreal moment that how things have come back and forth.”

Jameis Winston first ran across Bruce Arians and his son, Jake, when he was 14 years old. At that time, he attended the Arians’ training camp. From there, Arians said that he’d been keeping an eye on Winston’s career, and he said that he “knew” that “the kid” would be a star someday.

Now that the two are on the same team, it will be interesting to see if Bruce Arians and Jameis Winston can take the team to the Super Bowl in the future.