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Let’s see Buccaneers’ Tom Brady try to throw Stanley Cup to Rob Gronkowski while drunk on tequila

Tom Brady, Buccaneers, Stanley Cup

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady became a meme at the Super Bowl celebration. Brady chucked the Lombardi Trophy from one boat to another during the festivities, and it was soon obvious just how hammered drunk he was. The GOAT later claimed he had imbibed a bit too much avocado tequila.

After the Tampa Bay Lightning won a second straight Stanley Cup on Wednesday night, the official Twitter account for Lord Stanley’s Cup hilariously warned Brady that the prestigious trophy is “too heavy to throw.” That was then followed up by a tweet to Rob Gronkowski saying it’s too heavy to catch.

This, of course, drew a cheeky response from the Buccaneers quarterback:

Now this I would pay to see. Let’s get Tom Brady and Gronk drinking out of the Stanley Cup and then see the Buccaneers star gunslinger chuck it as far as he can while drunk. That would be quite the sight.

Even if this never happens (it probably won’t), it’s still pretty crazy to see just how dominant the Tampa sports scene is these days. The Buccaneers and Lightning are both champions, with the Tampa Bay Rays reaching the 2020 World Series before losing to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Rays are currently a World Series contender again, sitting in second place in the AL East behind the Boston Red Sox.

Brady’s Buccaneers should be right in the thick of it again in the 2021 NFL season. Tampa is bringing back just about the entire roster, and Brady is still playing quarterback at an extremely high level. There will be plenty of competition, but the Buccaneers will be in the mix assuming Brady is healthy and perhaps even if he isn’t thanks to a dominant defense.

If Brady wins another Lombardi Trophy, we’ll see what shenanigans he’ll have in store for the next celebration.