As the world continues to be severely impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, some pockets of the United States, including the office of the President of the United States, believes that the crisis is “under control,” and that it is “dying down.” However, that is factually inaccurate and dangerous information to convey to gullible citizens, who have been hardwired to believe government officials. Now, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the continuing danger of COVID-19 has been thrown into stark relief as a Tampa Bay Buccaneers assistant coach has tested positive for the coronavirus. Meanwhile, two other Bucs assistant coaches have been quarantined.

According to, over 3 million people around the world currently have coronavirus (3,591,507 to be exact). Of this 3.5 million, a whopping 1.2 million reside in the United States – far and away the highest number of any country in the world and more than 50 percent higher than the second-highest total active cases (Brazil ranks second with 415,130).

Due to the sheer volume of cases, the United States also ranks first in total deaths caused by coronavirus: 120,688. While that number might not seem particularly high, that does represent a death rate of over 5 percent. That means that of the people that have contracted COVID-19 in the United States, over 5 percent of them have died due to the disease.

Each of those people have families. Let that sink in.

This is an extremely serious virus that still – even as many states reopen – has the capacity to wipe out thousands of people.

Perhaps these positive tests within the ranks of the NFL will cause the league to ponder its processes upon the return of the season.