Buccaneers news: Tom Brady implored to help by Jarvis Landry
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Tom Brady implored to help by Jarvis Landry

Tom Brady, Jarvis Landry, Buccaneers

Cleveland Browns star Jarvis Landry wants Tom Brady to step up for the rest of the league. The Browns wide receiver implored Tampa Bay’s new quarter back to be one of the voices representing the players as the NFLPA still has ongoing discussions with the NFL.

Landry took to twitter to plead with Brady as one of the league’s greatest players ever and the long-time face of the NFL at large.

There are a number of topics that the two sides are still in lengthy talks for. As the league approaches its eventual restart in play, issues on health regulations, safety protocols, player restrictions, and of course salary concerns are still largely undecided as of yet.

The health and safety concerns are obviously the priority for both parties. But several other specifics like the number of preseason games, and final discussions on money matters are still in play.

The players also want a 48-day training camp slate, but the league doesn’t seem to want to budge on their demands.

“The NFL initially accepted and implemented the Joint Committee’s suggestions, including items like no joint practices and no fans at training camp.

“However, the NFL was unwilling to follow the Joint Committee’s recommendation of a 48-day training camp schedule. Despite these experts’ assessment that teams face a serious risk of player-injury spikes this year (based on past NFL data and recent findings from sports leagues that have already returned to play this year), the NFL is unwilling to prioritize player safety and believes that the virus will bend to football.”

Landry believes that the players would have a greater pull with Brady representing them. The three-time MVP could sway NFL officials much more than any other negotiator would. He’s the most influential player in the league by far.

Brady could be a human bargaining chip, but all he has to do is sit at the table first.