Tom Brady was likely just trying to post a nice picture with his son. But an image he recently shared is trending for all of the wrong reasons. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB is facing backlash as a result of posting questionable pictures of himself and his teenage son, per No Jumper on Twitter.

Twitter shared no shortage of opinions on the matter.

“This whole Tom Brady and son situation says à lot about those who saw a father and son spending time together and turned it into a mess. You people need help. Seek it. Immediately,” wrote one Twitter user.

There are many other NSFW reactions that we will avoid sharing here. But people are letting Tom Brady have it for deciding to post the images.

Tom Brady has endured a difficult year. The QB recently went through a divorce with ex-wife Gisele Bundchen. It is unfortunate that he's now receiving criticism for images of himself and his son. With that being said, Brady should been prepared for backlash after posting these specific pictures.

Bundchen previously spoke out on her divorce from Tom Brady.

“My priority has always been and will continue to be our children whom I love with all my heart. We will continue co-parenting to give them the love, care and attention they greatly deserve,” Bundchen wrote.

In the end, both Bundchen and Brady are extremely successful individuals that will fare well despite parting ways. But the fact that Tom Brady's 2022 is coming to an end with online roasts for pictures of himself and his son is obviously far from ideal.