Tampa Bay Buccaneers superstar quarterback Tom Brady recently put pen to paper on a massive $375 million deal with Fox Sports. However, his career as a broadcaster was put on hold after the 44-year-old decided to unretire this offseason. At this point, it seems like his broadcast booth debut is one of the last things on Brady's mind.

The GOAT recently sat down with Ramin Setoodeh of Variety for a lengthy interview. One of the topics of conversation was his multi-million, 10-year deal with Fox Sports. When asked straight up when he intends to start his broadcasting career, Brady simply said that this is going to happen “when I'm done playing.”

Brady did admit that he's “very close to the end” and that it's only going to be a matter of time before he ends up in the broadcast booth. Be that as it may, the seven-time Super Bowl champion made it abundantly clear that he won't be happening this season — not even if the Buccaneers end up missing the playoffs:

“No. I want to focus on football,” Brady said. “I really want to commit to this year to be as best as I possibly can.”

Brady got to where he is because of his dedication to his craft. He is now entering Year 23, but his commitment to the sport remains as steadfast as ever. Tom Brady does not want any lingering distractions as he looks to win his eighth Super Bowl trophy this season with the Bucs. At this point, everything else is secondary.