Buccaneers video: Tristan Wirfs' ridiculous jump out of pool
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Buccaneers’ Tristan Wirfs’ ridiculous jump out of pool

Tristan Wirfs, Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie offensive tackle Tristan Wirfs has shown in the past that he’s sort of a freak of nature.

Tristan Wirfs is listed at 6’5″, 320 lbs. That’s a mountain of a man right there. He’s not just size though, Wirfs is also absurdly athletic.

If you want proof, back in college, the offensive tackle had a video of him jumping out of a pool – that’s just an absolutely incredible talent.

And in case anyone was wondering if the 21-year-old Tristan Wirfs could still pull it off, the Buccaneers have you covered.

Tampa Bay took to Twitter to post their first-round draft pick. In the video, he is once again jumping out of a pool. If you haven’t seen it yet, this might not sound like an incredibly hard thing to do.

Once you see it though, you’ll realize how it suddenly seems like it should be impossible.

That’s just ridiculous. For any size human that is amazing. For someone the size of Tristan Wirfs, though? It should just be straight up illegal.

This shows next-level core strength and lower body strength. Both of those should translate extremely well for Tristan Wirfs in the trenches on the football field.

However, being able to do flashy things like this does not always equal success on the field.

So while this is great, and definitely something that Buccaneers’ fans should have some fun with – they will want more from Tristan Wirfs.

Tampa Bay has a really exciting team heading into 2020. Tristan Wirfs could play a major role in their success as a part of the offensive line.

If he can not protect new superstar quarterback Tom Brady, fans are not going to care about all the incredible things he can do off the field.

Luckily for Tampa Bay, the offensive tackle appears to be up to the challenge. Not only is he a physical freak, but Tristan Wirfs has all the talent and potential in the world on the football field.

It looks like the Buccaneers got a real athlete and player in Tristan Wirfs.

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