Damian Lillard is happy to be with the Milwaukee Bucks. The trade from the Portland Trail Blazers gives the guard his best chance to win an NBA championship. But not every aspect of the Bucks' trade has been easy for Damian Lillard.

Lillard is married with three children. His move from Portland to Milwaukee, of course, means a change of scenery for his family, as well.

“The hardest time came, I would say, when I started to really think about having to move my kids from an environment that they’ve become accustomed to,” Lillard to Andscape's Marc Spears. “The same people that they see, the friends that they have, the people that help out with them that they spend a lot of time with, being around their cousins.

“It could be a random Sunday where my mom might be like, ‘We are doing Sunday dinner at my house.’ And when we get there, it is my brother’s kids, all my cousin’s kids. It is 16 kids running around and my kids there with them. It is like I’m stripping them of that environment for what I want for myself. So, when I actually sat with it becoming a reality, that was when it was the toughest moment for me.”

Lillard had months to prepare for a move. He asked the Trail Blazers for a trade early in the summer. The point guard made it clear that he wanted to go the Miami Heat. Portland held out for a better deal, instead sending Lillard to Milwaukee.