Milwaukee Bucks shooting guard Grayson Allen has recently made headlines for all the wrong reasons after his hard foul led to a six-to-eight-week injury layoff for the Chicago Bulls stud. Allen has been on the receiving end of a ton of criticism with many labeling him as a “dirty player.”

The NBA has acted on the incident and they've decided to hand Allen a one-game suspension for his actions. This drew the ire of more than a few folks all over social media and this included former six-time All-Star Amar'e Stoudemire:

“That's weak. Not enough,” Stoudemire stated. “I got suspended for a game for stepping on the court. This was an intentional through [sic] down, that caused a player to need surgery. SMH. COME ON …”

Stoudemire, who currently serves as an assistant coach for the Brooklyn Nets, did not hold back with his criticism of the league for their “weak” punishment on Allen. Former Bucks star Andre Bogut caught wind of Stoudemire's comments and the Australian could not help but relive his long-standing beef with the Amar'e. Bogut took to Twitter to fire a direct shot at Stoudemire:

For those that require context, Bogut once broke his arm after a nasty fall during his playing days with the Bucks. The former first overall pick got pushed from behind as he was dunking the ball during a fast-break play and it resulted in a bad fall for the Milwaukee big man. The player who was responsible for the foul was none other than Amar'e Stoudemire.

Here's a look at the gruesome video. View discretion is strongly advised:

Bogut hasn't forgotten about this incident and he made sure to use this opportunity to clap back at his old nemesis. To be fair, this injury could have been much worse for Bogut so it isn't at all surprising that he appears to still hold a bit of ill will against STAT.

For his part, Stoudemire has not responded to Bogut's jab. He either hasn't seen it yet (which is unlikely considering how Bogut tagged him directly in his tweet) or he just doesn't know how to respond to Bogut's sly shot here.