Milwaukee Bucks superstar Damian Lillard won his second consecutive NBA 3-point contest on Saturday night, topping Karl Anthony-Towns and Trae Young in the final round.

Bucks fans are loving it on social media:


Keatonomo knows what's up – “Damian Lillard owns this contest”

Jaycee knows what the Bucks star can do – “It's only fitting that Damian Lillard won the 3-Point Contest with a buzzer-beater! He's known for his clutch shooting, and this was just another example of that.”

Mike Deporch is hyped – “Damian Lillard wins the 3 point contest for the 2nd year in a row. Lets goo.”

KobbieMuFc – “Damian Lillard is sooooo gooood”

Ibrahim knows the Bucks have a cold-blooded shooter – “The 3-Point Contest was already over when Damian Lillard stepped foot in the building..”

ChiTownflavor is impressed – “Damian Lillard nails it again! The Milwaukee Bucks' star secures his place in history as the first back-to-back 3-point contest winner since Jason Kapono in 2007-08.”

Bennett was happy (but he needs to take it easy) – “I'm a Damian Lillard fan, of course I almost broke my big toe when he won lmao”

Edward puts him up with the great back-to-back winners – “Congratulations to Damian Lillard on winning the 3-Point Contest back to back. He joins Larry Bird, Craig Hodges, Mark Price, Jeff Hornacek, Peja Stojakovic, & Jason Kapono.”

Court Side Heat broke down what he saw – “Dame Time is really unpredictable… what looked like he was going to miss the final two racks of shots, Damian Lillard entered clutch mode and knocked down the money ball as time was expiring INCREDIBLE”

The Milwaukee Bucks star hilariously failed to recreate his epic series-ender over the Thunder from 2019 before the event, saying “I don't have it anymore.”

Obviously, that's not true.