In the midst of a calm offseason, the Buffalo Bills seem like they could be leaving Buffalo if a new stadium isn't built.

According to numerous sources including ProFootballFocus and The Buffalo News, the Bills have proposed a new bill that would fund a new stadium in Orchard Park and renovations to the Sabres arena. The bill is to be worth $1.5 billion dollars.

As a form of leverage, the team is willing to walk away from their home state and find another city that offers more money including Austin, Texas, according to Pro Football Talk and ESPN.

“Seth Wickersham of reports that Austin is a possible destination — or threat — as one of the cities to which Bills ownership was referring when telling government negotiators that “there are other cities elsewhere that desire an NFL franchise and would pay handsomely for it.”'

The Buffalo News continues by discussing how the owners of the Bills, Kim and Terry, want this project to be fully funded by the public. The current stadium deal lasts until 2023. Once the deal is expired and there is no extension, then the Bills are allowed to go to another city and relocate.

A spokesman for the Pegulas came out and denied these reports and would not say anything else. Many citizens and even politicians have been questioning whether or not taxpayers will be able to pay the full $1.5 billion dollars. However, if the team ends up leaving Buffalo, then there would be severe financial and social consequences.

If a deal can be set in place in the next year or two, then that would benefit both the team and fans alike. However, with how things are going right now for both parties, don't be surprised if contract talks don't go any further. However, stay hopeful Bills Mafia. The Bills aren't going anywhere.