Dwyane Wade expected to reach buyout with Chicago before season starts
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Bulls news: Dwyane Wade expected to reach buyout with Chicago before season starts

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Chicago Bulls shooting guard Dwyane Wade is expected to reach a buyout with the team in the next few months, according to ESPN’s Nick Friedell, via Bleacher Report.

This buyout agreement would put the 12-time All-Star back in the free agent market prior to the start of the regular season.

Wade at 35 years old is the only member remaining of “The Three Alphas,” as Jimmy Butler was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves and Rajon Rondo was waived, only to join the New Orleans Pelicans soon after.

The three-time champion has been looking for a feasible way out of this rebuilding process the franchise has undergone, choosing to base the young roster around head coach Fred Hoiberg’s offensive system.

Wade still has $24 million left in his contract, making this buyout a likely back and forth — as the Bulls would like him to relinquish the vast majority of his contract in order to become a free agent.

The veteran two-guard has left the door open on a potential return to the Miami Heat at some point before the end of his career, making this a crucially-likely time for it to take place.

Wade had the lowest scoring average since his rookie year last season, putting up 18.3 points per game during his first and likely only season with Chicago. His playing time also went below the 30-minute-per game mark for the first time in his career.