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Bulls news: Dwyane Wade has bold response to NBA rankings

Dwyane Wade

While many NBA players have been left upset by the recent NBA rankings released by Sports Illustrated and ESPN, Dwyane Wade isn’t letting that change the course of his offseason.

The Chicago Bulls shooting guard took to Twitter and expressed some of his bold thoughts on the matter.

Wade has been seen working out with the likes of LeBron James, Tim Hardaway Jr. and other stars around the league during this offseason.

A 12-time All-Star, D-Wade is ranked 74th overall in Sports Illustrated’s rankings, while he was completely dropped out of the Top 100 ESPN rankings.

And you thought Carmelo Anthony had it bad?

Wade took to Twitter once again, hopeful the best is yet to come in his 15th NBA season.

Wade and most other NBA athletes are extremely proud individuals who have put work on their craft every season — a good reason to take insult in complete omissions or non-fitting rankings in their opinion.

In reality, everyone but the top-ranked player has a reason to have a bone to pick, but only due to their natural competitive nature and otherworldly sense of pride in their game. Wade is no different, but as a 35-year-old player, he’s learned to only take in the praise and criticism that is bound to further his game, instead of this offseason chatter.