The Chicago Bulls have had a lot of success this season, as they are the Eastern Conference's top seed with a 32-18 record.

DeMar DeRozan and Zach LaVine have both performed exceptionally well this season, which has contributed significantly to the Bulls' success. They've both been playing like two players who should have been starting in the All-Star Game, and if they can keep playing at this level, the Bulls will be in fantastic shape for the remainder of the season.

Another reason for the Bulls' success this season is that they have other players, notably rookie standout Ayo Dosunmu, who have stepped up for them.

Dwyane Wade recently had this to say regarding Bulls' young star Dosunmu,

“You know, from Chicago, went to Illinois. I feel that he fell low in the draft and he got his opportunity to play with his hometown team, and to watch this kid play, to go off what Shaq said, he knows how to play the game of basketball. He can come in right away, he can take charges, he can defend the other team's best player. Some nights, you know, you see him scoring in the twenties, like this kid right here is one of those guys like a Kawhi Leonard, like you got somebody that's like a diamond in the rough and you continue to add to his game he can be a feature, a guy like Jimmy Butler once became.”

This is tremendous praise for Ayo, and the Bulls must be overjoyed to hear it. They must be optimistic that he will develop into a fantastic player in this league, and that one day will be able to contribute to Chicago as a star.