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Horace Grant describes his trepid relationship with Michael Jordan

Horace Grant, Michael Jordan

Former Chicago Bulls forward Horace Grant has played a relatively big role in ESPN’s hit docu-series “The Last Dance” covering the end of the Bulls dynasty and Michael Jordan. In episode 6, the narrative centered around how Grant allegedly served as the team snitch, feeding information to writer Sam Smith, who was the author of the infamous “Jordan Rules” book.

It was Michael Jordan himself who named Grant as the snitch, which is something that the latter denied vehemently. As it turns out, this caused quite a rift between the two. Recently, Grant went on the “Pardon My Take” podcast and opened up his personal relationship with Jordan.

“Michael and I really didn’t have a great relationship,” Grant said, via Orlando Silva of Fadeaway World “We respected each other as teammates in terms of us having one goal and that goal was winning a championship. We didn’t hang out that much off the court. He had his friends, I had my friends. (…) As for changing, I think, we weren’t close at all during that time.”

Grant then went on to discuss his alleged role in the information leak that plagued the Bulls locker room at that time, most of which revolved around Jordan.

“I don’t know where did they come with that I was the source behind the book. That’s a straight-up lie,” he reiterated.

It has now become a simple he said, she said scenario, with both camps completely refuting the other’s statement. I guess we’ll never get to the bottom of this — unless of course the culprit/s come out in the open.