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Jabari Parker defends Derrick Rose’s legacy

Jabari Parker, Bulls, Derrick Rose

Jabari Parker grew up in Chicago and spent a lot of time watching Chicago Bulls basketball. After spending the beginning of his career with the Milwaukee Bucks he is back in Chicago now, and during his introductory press conference, he was asked about another Chicago legend, Derrick Rose.

Parker was asked how he felt about Rose’s career watching from afar and the fall that he had.

He made an interesting comments saying Rose is already a legend no matter what happens and injuries happen to everyone, and he doesn’t believe there was any fall.

“Derrick had no lows, he didn’t because he still maintened. Derrick is a legend no matter what..No rise and fall, injuries are a part of life, everyone has an injury no matter athletics or normal life. Derrick is one of the best players to have play the game, and one of the best icons in Chicago.”

With both Derrick Rose and Jabari Parker being from Chicago maybe Parker holds Rose on a higher pedestal because even though injuries are a part of life, that can still create lows in a person’s career. If Rose would have been able to stay healthy there is no question he was on his way to being at least one of the best players of this generation.

The injuries came for Rose though and that resulted in a great career never becoming what it could have been. Rose has a one-year veteran minimum deal next year with the Minnesota Timberwolves where he hopes he can continue to keep his career on the right track and stay healthy.